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Digital Xcstasy Records

2008-05-13 02:28:52 by Digital-Xcstasy

Digital Xcstasy Records

Hello and welcome to DXR on NewGrounds!

what is DXR? you ask. DXR stands for Digital Xcstasy Records, This is a group with F-777 (Jesse) and Druid (Ashley) Mixin it up! Giving you a shot of Techno, Dance, Trance, Hip-hop, and Classical. hope you all enjoy our music, keep an eye out for our Frist CD "Dance X Rave" (lol get it DxR can get away from it! sooo epic!) We will UpDate this page with every new song we put out! if you would like to be in this CD please Hit up Druid or F-777! we would love for new people to Join the DXR team! We will be posting a new song every week for 7 weeks lol this is The 7-7-7 Deal every sunday we will send in a new song for 7 whole weeks! ITS A DEAL! Ah yes, might us not forget, If you show love to us, you will get Reviews from [Druid] and [F-777] so Show us love and we will give mad love! Stay tune and more is to come!

Do enjoy the songs!

Digital Xcstasy
Dance X Rave

1. Under Tone -Done-
2. Enigma of the Mind -Done-
3. One Last Dance -Done-
4. Keys of Zephyr -Done-
5. In the Mix -Demo-
6. Blind Side -Demo-

And don't forget to check out our new song
Retribution -Demo-

And Remember The words from Druid and F-777

"To Rave is a Revolution" -Druid-
"Long live Digital Xcstasy" -F-777-


Digital Xcstasy Records


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2008-05-13 07:33:15


Digital-Xcstasy responds:

Ch'a whats good? :)


2008-05-14 20:20:30

Cool :P

Digital-Xcstasy responds:

Thanks we will keep people posted oh crap its sunday aint it?